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There is nothing permanent except CHANGE



Most people wait for a crisis, a diagnosis, or a shock to finally make a decision to change.

Why wait?

You can change in pain and suffering, or you can change in joy and inspiration.

Which one would you choose?


Conscious Rewiring helps people become greater versions of themselves.

Backed by science, we offer a formula of transformation that has changed thousands of lives.

(See Neuro Change Solutions)

Whether you have a self-sabotaging habit to break, a dream to pursue, a relationship to fix, a career to renovate, or stress to cope with

this formula helps you arrive.

(See Stories of Change)

Master one formula to master all areas of your life.

Our goal is to empower you to master your life so you don't need us any more.



12 years in the Technology Industry, QJ has worked extensively both as an Engineer and a Manager, holding a breadth of first-hand insights to the ecosystem of technology development and organization management.​

In 2023, she called for a pause to her IT career, in the mission to seek answers to the common challenges observed in organizations that compromise businesses achieving their highest potentials.

In her personal journey of transformation, she unlocked a host of capabilities that she wasn’t aware of capable of before by applying neuroscience based tools and sciences for change. Today, she commits herself to help organizations and individuals in the world achieve higher potentials and make sustainable changes from inside out by applying the sciences and tools of transformation.

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