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The Workshop

Neuro Change Solutions is a 2-day training workshop that is packed with vital resources to unlock your transformational power. It covers the neuroscience and biology of change, as well as models and tools to empower you in your life. Accompanied with 30-day follow-ups, you will find Neuro Change Solutions a rigorous program and a robust formula to transform any area in your life.


Designed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a renowned author, a sought-after speaker, a researcher and a corporate consultant, this formula is filled with research highlights in advancing human potentials, and has literally changed thousands of lives.

"Evidence is the loudest voice."


See for yourself what change looks like.

What Clients Have to Say?

"I loved spending these two days with QJ. I feel like I’m connected to a completely different future after this training. QJ is super knowledgeable, patient and helpful. You can tell she is so passionate about what she does and it is truly infectious. 

I loved the whole training but my favorite part was when we did exercises to solve real life problems using the teachings. I know that I’ve changed my outlook on one huge problem that I had and now it’s a source of joy and excitement!

This work is transformative, and I can honestly say that anyone could learn something in there to make a positive difference in their lives."

Victoria Hanley


Higher resilience to stress

Higher emotional intelligence

More productivity

More funs

Greater sense of meaning and purpose in life


Greater mental strength

Greater presence in life

More joy and happiness in life

More creativity

More insights and inner wisdom

Improved mental health

Improved overall wellbeing

More courage

More harmonious relationships


Improved fitness